Meet Senior Decision Makers From Global Infrastructure Managers...

With Job Titles Including:
  • Department Heads & Chiefs
  • Project & Programme Directors
  • Principal Engineers
  • Senior Managers
  • System Specialists & Experts
From The Following Departments:
  • Electrification
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Asset Management
  • Power Supply
  • OHL / Catenary
  • Maintenance
  • Design
Plus Providers Of:
  • Engineering Contractors
  • Catenary & Pantographs
  • Power Systems & Switchgear
  • Remote Condition Monitoring
  • Transformers & Substations
  • Section Insulators & OHL Conductors
  • Energy Efficiency Technologies
  • Earthing & Isolation Equipment
  • Short Circuit Protection Devices
  • OHL Cantilever Systems


As demand for rail capacity surges across the globe, infrastructure managers are under pressure to electrify rail lines and improve system reliability at the lowest possible lifecycle cost. Across design, construction and maintenance, technology and process innovation are being leveraged to optimise system parameters, prioritise maintenance and reduce the cost of interoperability compliance.

The best way to identify cost saving solutions for your network is to benchmark the results of real case studies from other experienced infrastructure managers at varying levels of advancement across the world.

The Only Congress Dedicated To Rail Electrification In Europe

At the 3rd Annual Electrification Infrastructure: Whole Life Cost Reduction Congress 2014, the only event dedicated to rail electrification in Europe, department heads and senior engineers from across the globe will showcase the results of their latest OHL designs, construction methods and maintenance regimes and examine how their successes in cost saving and reliability improvement can be transferred to your railway company.

This year, the agenda has been re-researched and the agenda redesigned to provide case studies on the very latest and most relevant technical and design focused challenges being faced in rail electrification.

What's New This Year?
  • More in-depth analysis across TSI compliance, including pantograph compatibility, clearing gauge standards and strategies to reduce the cost of interoperability
  • Specific power supply case studies sharing the very latest solutions on stray currents, power phases, simulation-aided design and reliability centred maintenance to improve the reliability of supply
  • Dedicated high speed presentations on the latest technologies and innovative processes to reduce whole life costs through design and maintenance
  • Unveiling the business case for energy efficiency technology investment including metering to reduce electricity demands and service running costs
  • Our most diverse speaker faculty yet, with exclusive new content from nations including Croatia, Hungary and Norway not previously presented in the series.
Other Key Case Study Topics Include:

ELECTRIFICATION STRATEGY: Revealing drivers for investment and methods for determining which lines to electrify to maximise benefits to the passengers

TENDERING & CONTRACTING: Learning how infrastructure managers are integrating contractors to develop a holistic design process and deliver lifecycle efficiencies throughout construction and maintenance

EFFICIENT DESIGN: Developing holistic design processes for conventional OHL and high speed rail electrification to deliver assets that are TSI compliant, reliable and competitive

MAINTENANCE PRIORITISATION: Sharing the very latest innovations in maintenance and renewal regimes with the aid of remote condition monitoring to optimise the balance between costs and reliability

HIGH SPEED DESIGN FOCUS: Sharing innovations for deciding OHL system parameters and power supply specifications unique to new high speed routes - learning design processes that can be applied to the wider electrification network

POWER SUPPLY OPTIMISATION: Examining strategies for maximizing power supply design to reduce energy consumption, stray currents and phase disturbances

INTEROPERABILITY COMPLIANCE: Comparing approaches to reduce the costs of integrating interoperability into design to comply with TSI

Post Event Panel


The Only Congress Dedicated To Rail Electrification In Europe

LBC's congresses undergo an extensive development process in partnership with leading industry experts to ensure re-researched and refreshed agendas are delivered each year. This method ensures that our agendas deliver the overhead line and power supply innovations requested by department heads and senior engineers.

Here are some of the reasons why infrastructure managers keep coming back to the Electrification Infrastructure Series:

  • GLOBAL BEST PRACTICE: With attendees from across Europe, America, Asia and Africa, this is the annual congress infrastructure managers rely on to benchmark electrification strategies
  • WHOLE LIFE COST FOCUS: No other event delivers integrated in-depth analysis across design specifications, contracting, maintenance prioritisation and renewal with the core aim of reducing the lifecycle costs of the asset
  • REQUESTED CONTENT: Each presentation is designed to match the learning requirements of infrastructure managers as requested through extensive research with senior engineers and directors across the globe
  • REAL LIFE CASE STUDIES: Each session is led by an infrastructure manager to ensure best practice is delivered by those who have extensive personal experience - absolutely no supplier sales pitches
  • INTEROPERABILITY: Attended by infrastructure managers from every major EU nation, this is the best place to benchmark methods to reduce the cost of TSI compliance across pantograph sizes and clearing gauges


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