Meet Senior Decision Makers From Global Infrastructure Managers...

With Job Titles Including:
  • Department Heads & Chiefs
  • Project & Programme Directors
  • Principal Engineers
  • Senior Managers
  • System Specialists & Experts
From The Following Departments:
  • Electrification
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Asset Management
  • Power Supply
  • OHL / Catenary
  • Maintenance
  • Design
Plus Providers Of:
  • Engineering Contractors
  • Catenary & Pantographs
  • Power Systems & Switchgear
  • Remote Condition Monitoring
  • Transformers & Substations
  • Section Insulators & OHL Conductors
  • Energy Efficiency Technologies
  • Earthing & Isolation Equipment
  • Short Circuit Protection Devices
  • OHL Cantilever Systems

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Post Event Panel


The Only Congress Dedicated To Rail Electrification In Europe

LBC's congresses undergo an extensive development process in partnership with leading industry experts to ensure re-researched and refreshed agendas are delivered each year. This method ensures that our agendas deliver the overhead line and power supply innovations requested by department heads and senior engineers.

Here are some of the reasons why infrastructure managers keep coming back to the Electrification Infrastructure Series:

  • GLOBAL BEST PRACTICE: With attendees from across Europe, America, Asia and Africa, this is the annual congress infrastructure managers rely on to benchmark electrification strategies
  • WHOLE LIFE COST FOCUS: No other event delivers integrated in-depth analysis across design specifications, contracting, maintenance prioritisation and renewal with the core aim of reducing the lifecycle costs of the asset
  • REQUESTED CONTENT: Each presentation is designed to match the learning requirements of infrastructure managers as requested through extensive research with senior engineers and directors across the globe
  • REAL LIFE CASE STUDIES: Each session is led by an infrastructure manager to ensure best practice is delivered by those who have extensive personal experience - absolutely no supplier sales pitches
  • INTEROPERABILITY: Attended by infrastructure managers from every major EU nation, this is the best place to benchmark methods to reduce the cost of TSI compliance across pantograph sizes and clearing gauges


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